Woozy Alpaca Art Studio: The Independent Female Designers cooperate with Woozy Alpaca

Woozy Alpaca Art Studio: The Independent Female Designers cooperate with Woozy Alpaca

Yes, all designers we cooperate with are women. 

The designers not only design for our brand and products, but also bring unique insights into life.


Leave Big City To Chase My Dream

Mrs. Gung, artist and entrepreneur, graduated from the University of?Hong Kong with a major in Art History. In 2012, she left Hong Kong to Jingdezhen and started her ceramic learning journey. Here she fell in love with the one, her husband Mr. Leo. In 2014, they set up their own studio Gung Ceramics.

Coming from one of the most developed cities in the world, she hopes to bring the traditional Chinese ceramics craftsmanship to the modern life. The couple insist on creating each piece by hand and work very hard to combine the Western aesthetics with the traditional Eastern ceramic craftsmanship. They carefully test every product to ensure that it is easy to use and has a rational design.


(Mrs. Gung's Studio)



Find Peace In My Heart

DaoQuan, a single mother, former professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China.

After wandering in Beijing for many years and experienced an unsuccessful marriage, she moved to Jingdezhen to concentrate on making porcelain artworks and learning Buddhism.

While doing what she loves and pursuing peace of mind, she is also teaching her children how to make porcelains and the wisdom of Buddhism.

(Live in an old town and find the peace in heart) 


Life Is Too Short To Settle For Less

Miss A, worked in finance industry in Sydney after graduating from the University of Sydney. It didn't take her much time to realise that this wasn't the life she was after. After 4 years in a retail accounting position in Sydney, she quit her job to start her designer studies in Seoul. This lively, pulsating, cute rug is the first product she designed for Woozy Alpaca. It represents her interpretation of the woozy alpaca brand and also the future she looks forward to - vibrant and bright.

(To be a vibrant and bright as a little alpaca)

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