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About Artisan Ceramic

DaoQuan, 39 years old, a single mother, former professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China.

After wandering in Beijing for many years and experienced an unsuccessful marriage, she moved to Jingdezhen to concentrate on making porcelain artworks and learning Buddhism.

While doing what she loves and pursuing peace of mind, she is also teaching her children how to make porcelains and the wisdom of Buddhism.

This pair of cups was personally made and toned by Professor DaoQuan. The cups feature the reddish color and the smooth outer wall, just like a girl blushing her cheeks. The glaze naturally forms fine cracks during the firing process, like hair falling on the cheeks, which is imperfect perfection.

Height(mm) 80
Bottle Diameter (mm) 65
Top Diameter(mm) 70
Capacity 230ml (7oz)
Color Lang yao Red Glaze
Material china
  • One Off product. Because of the nature of these items, we do not accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective.
  • Because the products are handmade, there is a certain difference in the color distribution between the two.
  • All products in the collection?Artisan Ceramic, are 100% handmake ceramic by the artists and starters from Jingdezhen, China.


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