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These amber barista accessories are beyond tools. Assemble the pour over set yourself and celebrate the art of hand-poured coffee in your own home. Coffee is personal - the right way to make it is how you like it best.

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Height (mm) 115
Bottom Diameter (mm) 85
Top Diameter (mm) 65
Material Borosilicate Glass
Capacity  300ml (10oz)
Coffee Server
Height (mm) 100
Bottom Diameter (mm) 80
Top Diameter (mm) 90
Material Borosilicate Glass
Capacity 300ml (10oz)
Coffee Dripper (V60)
Height (mm) 100
Bottom Diameter of Funnel (mm) 40
Top Diameter of Funnel (mm) 115
Diameter of Bracket (mm) 125
Material Borosilicate Glass & Wood
Height(mm) 105
Bottle Diameter (mm) 90
Top Diameter(mm) 65
Capacity 360ml (12oz)
Color Amber
Material Borosilicate Glass

*Heat-Resistant Glass, microwave safe and stovetop safe.