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About?Artisan Ceramic

Mrs. Gung, artist and entrepreneur, graduated from the University of?Hong Kong with a major in Art History. In 2012, she left?Hong Kong to Jingdezhen and started her ceramic learning journey. Here she fell in love with the one, her husband Mr. Leo. In 2014, they set up their own studio Gung Ceramics.

Coming from one of the most developed cities in the world, she hopes to bring the traditional Chinese ceramics craftsmanship to the modern life. The couple insist on creating each piece by hand and work very hard to combine the Western aesthetics with the traditional Eastern ceramic craftsmanship. They carefully test every product to ensure that it is easy to use and has a rational design.

This series of products, Fusion, is inspired by the motion and aroma of pour over coffee brewing. Brewers Replenish the liquid surrounding the coffee grounds with new, fresher water, extracting more from the surface layers of the grounds, pulling the flavors and oils from the grounds. The tools are stationary and the coffee is flowing.?It is also a fusion of ceramic art from the East and coffee equipments from the West.

Each piece of equipment is handmade, glazed and fired by themself. The color of each work appears different because of the fluttering of the flame, just like brewing coffee by hand - each working just a little differently from the next one.?

Height (mm) 350
Bottom Diameter (mm) 70
Top Diameter (mm) 100
Material china
Capacity 350ml (11oz)
Coffee Dripper (V60)
Height (mm) 100
Bottom Diameter of Funnel (mm) 55
Top Diameter of Funnel (mm) 115
Diameter of Bracket (mm) 80
Material Ceramic
  • One Off product. Because of the nature of these items, we do not accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective,
  • Because the products are handmade, there is a certain difference in the color distribution between the two.
  • 5% of the sales will be donated to World Food Programme

All products in the collection 'Artisan Ceramic' are 100% handmade in Jingdezhen by the artists and craftsmen from all over the world.


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